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If you are a businessman, the first thing you have to do is dig up your customers. It is the same for the nation, and if you do not raise the people, nation will not get tax revenue. In other words, a businessman cannot be established without a market where the people can pay taxes. Therefore we must raise the people. All that is needed is education. There is a need to raise taxable people through education as “knowledge worker”. The biggest period of education is kindergarten and elementary school. In Japan, the social order is memorized by the time of elementary school. Watch the following video of a scene from a public elementary school in Japan.
In Japan, as a general rule, you are supposed to go to school from the first grade of elementary school by yourself. The public elementary school is near the house. But private elementary schools are far away. Watch the following video A first grade elementary school student is going to school by herself by connecting to a train. I myself went to school 63 years ago using the subway.
The country is making great efforts for that. It's the same when you grow up. The next two videos show them working as adults.
The country is making great efforts for that.
There are no maids in Japan. Therefore, raising children is difficult. The reality is that housewives can only do some side jobs. The next video is a scene from a couple.
Protect your life
Japanese emergency medical system.
Philosophy is necessary for social management. It's not just about money.
Save people who have been carefully raised by society Important elements imposed on society.
 Nationwide 728 Fire and Emergency medical Management Agency control centers . There are 1719 fire stations nationwide, operating about 5,000 ambulances. Last year's ambulance use reached 5 million people. Without money.