My coronavirus countermeasures and way of thinking. 私のコロナウイルス対策と考え方。


My coronavirus countermeasures and way of thinking.
Whether you are infected with a coronavirus or use a vaccine to give your body a simulated experience, you can put a foreign substance in your body to create immunity. That is, it is to make B cells in the body memorize this foreign substance. However, people with weak immunity die from infection and vaccines. What we can do is to raise this immunity. In other words, social immunity is when more than 50% of the population is already infected or vaccinated to immunize one's body. Even if 10,000 people are infected a day, it takes 300,000 people a month, and it takes 167 months to reach 50% of the 100 million population. That is, it takes more than 10 years. The 60-year-old influenza is a good example.
Then the question is how to boost immunity, but I don't use any medicine. Natural healing power is desirable. I buy the ingredients myself and cook myself. There are many ingredients that boost immunity, and it is important to bring them to the body without adding additives, so they are delicious, so I cook myself. 
Get a good night's sleep and relieve stress. This improves blood flow and lymphatic flow, and has the effect of strengthening immunity.
However, since I am old, I am doing another thing to improve blood flow and lymph. It is a lymphatic blood flow massage. This is a massage for bedridden elderly people, which was developed 20 years ago with a partner doctor who already pass away, that is, lymphatic blood flow massage. I do this every week. I have a massage, that is, there is a risk of infection, but since She have been with a doctor for 20 years, She know how to prevent infection. And which list are higher than others. 
You also need to exterminate or weaken the virus from around you. I do Japanese photocatalyst coaching in my car, in my house, in my office. As you know, viruses and bacteria are made of proteins, so when the virus adheres to the coached area by the oxidation reaction by this coaching, the proteins on the surface are destroyed and the activity stops. 
I also set my house and car at 27 ° C because cooling my body also lowers my immunity.


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